About ITZ

In The Zone opened in 2012 with the purpose of providing an affordable training option for baseball and softball players in the Oxford Hills and surrounding areas. Since opening we have also expanded our business into the golf sector by offering a golf simulator where up to 4 golfers can play at any of our 50 courses.

At our facility we have three 70 foot length cages (great for any type of baseball or softball training), and a single 50 foot length cage (perfect for softball or 12 and Under baseball players). With cage rentals, we provide baseball/softball machines on a first come first serve basis.

In addition to individual cage rentals, we provide the following services: Lessons, Clinics, Team Practices, Mountaineers Travel Baseball, and Birthday Parties,

Our goal has and always will be to keep our prices reasonable. For 7 years of business we have done just that, keeping our prices are roughly 50% less than similar options in the state.

For questions or to book a cage, contact us at 207-393-7490 or email us at travishilden@inthezonesc.com

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